Belgian Championship 2011 (Preliminaries)

The Preliminaries of the 2011 Belgian Championship were held this week-end in Brussels. We can notice the outstanding results of Kevin Prist who won the first place. Congratulations to all the 20 players!

Five best players:
1. Prist Kévin
2. Vets Nelis
3. Annachachibi Christopher
4. Versyck Dominique
5. Neirynck Lucas

Full results.

They will play the final tour (5th, 6th, 19th and 20th March 2011) against the five first finalists of 2010: Jan Ramon, François Gonze, Alain Wettach, Thomas Connor and Kwinten Missiaen.

First Pandanet Go European Team Championship

Belgium is proud to be part of the First Pandanet Go European Team Championship. Here are our (already) glorious team members (with their IGS IDs):

  • Jan Ramon, 4d, janr
  • Lucas Neirynck, 4d, Cucurucucu
  • Benjamin Gigot, 1d, Pinchilei
  • Nelis Vets, 1d, Nelis
  • Kwinten Missiaen, 2d, Kwik
  • Christopher Annachachibi, 1d, HisokaH
  • Dominique Versyck, 1k, dversyck
  • Michael Meeschaert, 1k, Boobookan
  • Kristof Bossee, 1d, karmeliet
  • Marie Jemine, 3k, Shanti
  • Vincent Lochen, 4k, GFox

To follow the championship, join the EuropeanTeampChamp on IGS (type F5). I hope you enjoy watching our games online!

The 5th Korea Prime Minister Cup

Lee Sang Hun 7d from Korea won the KPMC with by winning all his games (7 wins)! He is follow by Yoshiyuki Tsuchimune 7d from Japan with 6 wins and Hu Yuqing 8d from China with 6 wins.

Nelis Vets is 49th with 3 wins.

Full results.
Official KPMC web site.

25th Brussels Tournament

SeokBin CHO (K, 7-d) won undefeated the Brussels Tournament 2010. Runners-up are Csaba MERO (HU, 6d; 4/5) ) and Kyoungnang KANG (KOR, 7-d; 3/5)  Full results.

Youth and Student Belgian Championship 2010

Kevin Prist won the tournament in the student category and Kevin Annachachibi in the youth category.

Full results are available here.

Antwerp Tournament

24 players (including 9 dan players) both from Belgium, Netherlands, France and England took part in the Tournament.

Lucas Neirynck won the tournament with 5 victories, followed by Andreas Drost with 4 victories and two players at the third place, Y.S. Huang and Pieter Beyens.

We can also mention the good result of Anousone Phaysomphot with 5 victories.

Full results are available here.

2010 European Student Championship

Matthias Terwey (D, 4-d) won surprinsingly the 2010 European Student championship, ahead of the great favorite Benjamin Teuber (D, 6-d).

Belgian representative Thomas Connor (3-d) made 2/5 and ended 7th.

Complete results here:

Go Weekend 2010

The lessons of Fan Hui are now available here and the pictures here.

Results of the 2010 European Championship (Tampere - Finland)

Comment:  Artem Kachanovsky lost in the 10th and last round to "our" Kim JungHyeop by...half a point, while Ilya Shikchin, who was one victoryt behind Artem before this last round, won to Alexander Dinerstein.  This means that both ended with 8/10...but also that Ilya become European champion 2010, thanks to his better SOS (the breaking system).

So, Artem, who is still only 17 years old, missed the title for just half a point. Nevertheless, he was the big surprise of these championship.

Also with 8 points: 2 Korean 7-d, 2 Kim (Chealim and JungHyeop).

Further, with 7/10: Kang (the 3rd Korean 7-d) + 3 Romanians: Catalin Taranu, Cornel Burzo and Cristian Pop.

Alex Dinerstein, the great favourite, ended as best players with 6/10.

Also to be noticed: the good performance of 2 other teenagers: Thomas Debarre (FR) and Ali Jabarin (IL)

Among the Belgian (dan players):
"our" Thomas (Connor) made 4; and Kwinten, 5
Thomas Connor won the team tournament with Kim JungHyeop, Kim Chaelim, Kang Kyoungnang and Javier-Aleksi Savolainen.

Belgian Blitz Championship 2010

The Belgian Blitz Championship was held in Leuven on Sunday 16th May 2010. Eleven players blitzed the whole afternoon and the first prize went to Ly Duc Khang, followed by Kwinten Missiaen.