The 2008 European Go Congress


Winner of the 2008 open european go championship is (expectfully) one
of the 7-d Coreans.

Winner of this edition is Park Jong Wook, only player with 9 victories.
2nd is another 7-d Corean, and 3rd the Taiwanese competitor, Lai Yu-
Cheng (who ended 2nd in the 2004 WAGC and 5th in the 2007 WAGC).

The best European player is Catalin Taranu (5-p) from Romania, who
ended as 6th with 7 victories, just one litlle SOS-point ahead of
Alexander Dinerstein (3-p), and 4 SOS-points ahead of the other Russian
favourite and winner last year, Ilya Chikchine.

Our Corean guest, Kim Jung Hyeop, made pretty good with 8 victories
(among wich one against Dinerstein)!

The results of the participating Belgian were rather good.
In particular, Thomas Connor did very well as 2-d with 7 victories, and
is now promoted to 3-d level. Congratulations to him !

All the results here

KPMCST and GGT photographs

The photographs of the Korean Prime Minister's Cup Selection Tournament and Ghent Go Tournament are now available in the galleries.

There are also photographs of the lesson given by Kang Seung Hee.

BelgoNet 18

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Korean Prime Minister's Cup Selection Tournament and Ghent Go Tournament

François Gonze won the Korean Prime Minister's Cup Selection Tournament and will be the Belgian representative for the Korean Prime Minister Cup in November.

Thomas Connor and Nelis Vets finished respectively with the second and third place.

Willemkoen Pomstra, from Netherlands, won the Ghent Go Tournament, followed by Siu Hong Chung and Kristof Bossee.

Full result (GGT and KPMCST)
KPMCST result

Lecture by Kang Seung Hee 2p

On Friday July 4th the Korean professional player Kang Seung Hee 2p gave a lecture in Brussels from 8pm to 10pm. There were 18 participants


Outpost : Rue de la Tribune 8, 1000 Brussels

29th World Amateur Championship

The Belgian representative Alain Wettach has finished on the 37th place in the 29th World Amateur Championship in Japan. He scored 4 victories and lost 4 games. The Korean Ha Sung Bong won the championship with a perfect 8/8 score. Second place was for the Chinese Guo Yuzheng and thirth Fernando Aguilar, both with 7/8. Best European was Cornel Burzo (Rumania) on rank 7.

Full result

result interclub ronde 2

The second round of the interclub tournament has finished, with again almost every goban played (only one forfait).

The Brussels teams are still at the top with 5 points for both. Closely at their heels are Antwerpen and Leuven, at an ex aequo of 4 points and 9 weighted points. After that there's Gent and Namur, both with 3 points. Since all scores are close, we'll be sure to have an exciting interclub season this year !

Belgian Rengo Championship 17/05/2008

The tournament was won by

  1. Leen Willaert and Jan Ramon
  2. Seung Hee Hong and Benjamin Gigot
  3. vincent Lochen and Anhony Mariotti

More information here

BelgoNet 17

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results interclub round 1

Antwerpen Pantin 1-3
Namur Gent 2-2
Le Chaff Leuven 3-1

A strong start for Brussels, but nothing has been decided yet !