The 2nd Korea Prime Minister Cup

The 2nd Korea Prime Minister Cup was held in Suwon city from 12 to 17 October.
Jan Ramon won 5 games from 8 and finished with a great 14th place !

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Youth and Student Belgian Championship

11 youngs and students have been playing on Saturday the 29th of September at Alma Echecs in Brussels.
Kristof Bossee from Gent won the Title of best belgian student and will represent Belgium in 2008 at the European Sutdent Go Championships in Nice.
François Gonze and Thomas Connor both finished with 3/4.
The best young player is Bruno Bossi from Brussels and is our representative for next year's European Youth Go Championships.

More information soon here.
You can view pictures here.

Koreans visit to Europe

Four strong Korean players,

Prof. Sang-Dae Hahn (6-d, leader of the group),
Young-Gil An (6-p, former world amateur champion),
Kang-Wook Lee (3-p, also former world amateur champion - in 2004) and
Kyung-Nang Kang (7-d, insei girl, 17 years old)

have visited the Leuven club on August 28.

They played each 4 simultaneous games with tremendous handicap (f.i. 4 stones against Jan Ramon, 4-d) and won nearly all of them...

WAGC 2007

Jan Bogaerts 4d went to Japan to represent Belgium during the 28th World Amateur Go Championship. Each year ~70 countries are invited to this tournament by the Nihon ki-in,.

Jan scored 3 points out of 8.
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