Polish Stanislaw Frejlak becomes the new European "home-made" professional

Polish Stanislaw Frejlak becomes the new (and 8th) European "home-made" professional by beating in final of the (6th) European Pro qualification tournament Lukas Podpera (CZ, 7-d).

What is this tournament ?
The 16 best European amateurs (according to the EGC ranking list) wishing becoming a go professional player competed in European Pro Qualification, a tournament organised +/- every 2 years.
It is a knock-out tournament in which every round was played as a "best of three".

The 2 great favorites were Frejlak and Podpera.
And they both effectively reached the final.
This final was rather dramatic: Lukas won the 1st game, a very long game (397 moves !), but lost the 2nd one half a point. And the day after, Lukas also lost the 3rd (and decisive) game.
This is very unfortunate for him: he has already reached 3 times the final of a European Pro Qualification, and certainly he also deserves to also become a pro !

NB: "Our" Lucas Neirynck (ranked 13) lost in the 1st round to Frenchman Benjamin Dréan-Guénaizia (ranked 4).

Lucman Bounoider (3-d) wins the 35th edition of the Brussels tournament

Lucman Bounoider (3-d) won the 35th edition of the Brussels tournament unbeaten.
Silver medal was He Jinming (3-d), with a 4/5 score.
And bronze medal, young Louis Baudaux (1-k), best player with 3 wins. Louis is just 15 years old and our Belgian "rising star" !
There 32 participants, among whom Lucman and Sven Cuyt (who did not play all the rounds) were unfortunately the only Belgian "dan" players to participate ! Another desappointment was the low attendance by the local players. But still, it was an enjoyable event.

Here are the complete results:

Participate in the 3rd season of the "Belgian Go Master League" ! (closing registrations: 25/10)

Participez à la 3ème saison de la "Belgian Go Master League" (BGML): en ligne, du 1 novembre au 20 décembre !

(Ré)Inscriptions possibles jusqu'au 25 octobre, via ce formulaire électronique:

Pour rappel, il s'agit d'un tournoi dans lequel chaque joueur est placé dans une division de 5 joueurs. Chacun affronte les autres joueurs de sa division pendant un cycle (de 2 mois).
À l'issue de chaque cycle, le premier de chaque division est promu dans la division supérieure. Les autres joueurs sont répartis en fonction de leur classement BGF.

Les parties se jouent sur OGS ( Les contacts entre les joueurs se passent sur le "Belgian Baduk Café" en mode Discord (invite link:

Nous avons prévu des adaptations afin de faciliter la prise de contact entre joueurs et maximiser ainsi le nombre de parties jouées; d'autre part, les parties de la 1ère division se joueront dorénavant avec webcam.


Neem deel aan de 3de seizoen van de "Belgian Go Master League" (BGML): online, van 1 november tot 20 december.

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Ter herinnering, dit is een toernooi waarin elke speler in een divisie van 5 spelers wordt geplaatst. Elke speler speelt één partij tegen elke andere speler van zijn divisie, dit gedurende een cyclus (van 2 maanden). Aan het einde van elke cyclus wordt de eerstgeplaatste speler van elke divisie gepromoveerd naar een hogere divisie. De overige spelers worden opnieuw gedistribueerd op basis van hun Belgische rating.

De partijen worden gespeeld op OGS ( Alle toernooi-gerelateerde communicatie gebeurt via de "Belgian Baduk Café" Discord server (invite link:

let op: we hebben enkele aanpassingen voorzien die het makkelijker maken voor spelers om contact met elkaar op te nemen, en zo het aantal gespeelde spellen te maximaliseren; daarbij zullen de wedstrijden van de 1e divisie voortaan gespeeld worden met een webcam.

By Jhen at 20/10/2021 - 15:25 Tournaments Calendar

coming soon: the 35th Brussels tournament 30-31/10

We invite you to participate at the 35th Brussels Tournament which will take place on 30th & 31th October 2021.


Join the Belgian Team for the next Pandanet European Championship 2021/22 !

Dear Belgian Go players,

The next season of Pandanet Go European Team Championship start on mid-October.
This time Belgian Team will play in C-League.
There will be 7 matches all over the year.

If you want to join the Belgian team, please send a message to "secretary at gofed dot be" with your first name, family name, rank and Pandanet User account (you can easily create one on Pandanet server: ).
Gabriel Mercier, the team Captain, will then contact you back as soon as possible.

The 12 top ranked participants will be accepted in the team: with 7 players from last year already in, this leave 5 spots to fill !

Condition to be a member of the Team:
1° Having Belgian citizenship.
2° Agreed to play for Belgium only (cannot change team after season start).
3° Be ready to play a (online) game on one Tuesday evening (usually from 8 pm to 11 pm) every month.
Answer this message before 3rd of October (10 pm)

You can contact Gabriel directly through KGS (search for "liusasori" in Belgian Room) or Facebook (on Belgian Go Federation group).

Complete schedule will be send at the beginning of the season so I expect you to put it in your agenda and to free your Tuesdays evening :)

This is a great opportunity to play against other European players without leaving your room !

Please read the info about the matches before season starts:

With great expectations for this year (we have to come-back in B-league!).
your devoted team captain,
Gabriel Mercier.

Lucas Neirynck is (for the 11th time) Belgian Champion !

For the 3rd time, the final of the Belgian championship was organized as a knock-out tournament with 2 lives.
Lucas won undefeated his 11th title (in 12 participations).
The closest game was against Thomas Connor with a win margin by only 1,5 points.
In the final, Lucas managed to win a dangerous semeai against Lucman Bounoider (3-d).
Thomas Connor won the "little final" and climbed onto the podium.

Here is the final podium:
1. Lucas Neirynck (6d)
2. Lucman Bounoider (3d)
3. Thomas Connor (4d)

Use of Go programs in human Go tournaments

Just a reminder.

Traditionally we used to play Go human vs human. And up to a few decades ago, computer Go levels were also too low to provide a sensible help to Go players. But nowadays, the strength of AI Go programs has evolved tremendously, way beyond the level of the world top Go pros players.

So for sure, many of us like to use Artificial Intelligence to analyze games or simply to see moves played by computers. And this is perfectly fine and also a modern and efficient way to progress.

But in a human vs human competition, the hidden use of computers spoils the fun of the suspense of a fair game played between players of sensibly around the same levels.

So, for your information, the Belgian Go Federation has some tools to detect such cheating and for the first time these tools have been used to analyze suspicious games and confirm the use of computer assistance.

The cost to pay if you get caught cheating with a computer is a loss of the game and several months exclusion from competition/Go Federation activities.

So for your own enjoyment and the respect of your opponent, please keep computers aside when you are playing tournament games in which they are not allowed.
Thanks !

Result for the second round of the interclub

The results of the second round of the interclub are in.

Gent-Phénix 0-3
Ath-Pantin 2-1

All results can be found at

coming soon (next WE): the 16 th Ghent tournament (on-line)

It is still time to register !
Information here:

WAGC: Chinese Ma Tianfang is 2021 amateur world champion (despite a loss against Polish Stanislaw Frejlak)

Chinese Ma Tianfang (7d) won the 2021 edition of the WAGC (World Amateur Go Championship), despite a surprising loss against Polish Stanislaw Fejlak (7d) !

Stanislaw also won against the Japanese representative.
Unfortunately he lost his 2 last games, to the Korean representative, and to Lukas Podpera (CZ).
Had Stanislaw won that last game, he would have been world champion ex-aequo !

Three other players ended with a 5/6 score: the ones from Taïwan, from Korea and Lukas Podpera (in that order).

Stanislaw Frejlak ended 5th, as best player with 4 wins, ahead of Hong-Kong and of the Frenchman Benjamin Dréan-Guénazia (who also beat the Japanese !).

"Our guy" was Jan Ramon, who ended 30th with a 3/6 score and logical results (wins to: Spain 1d, Finland 2d Ecuador 2d; lost to: Croatia 3d, Israël 6d and Canada 7d).

There 57 participants, among whom about the half were physically present in Vladivostok and the other half (Jan f.i.) played on line.

Complete results here: