Artem Kachanovskyi wins the 2021 Grand Slam. Tanguy Le Calvé, surprising finalist.

Artem Kachanovskyi (UKR, 3p) won the 2021 Grand Slam, the richest doted European competition (5.000 € for the winner), by beating in final the Frenchman Tanguy Le Calvé (FR, 1p).

Tanguy had surprisingly beaten the great favourite Ilya Shikchine (RUS, 4p), 8 times European champion, in semi-final !
(in the 1st round, Tanguy had eliminated Alexander Dinerstein, 7 times European champion; and in 2nd round / quarters of finals, Pavol Lisy, 1 time European champion).

Ilya did win the little final against Mateusz Surma (PL, 2p).

Here are the results:

Ath wins the 2021 Interclubs

The club of Ath has won the 2021 interclubs season, ahead of last year winner, Leuven.

Five clubs had registered at the beginning of the year, but after just one round Brussels-Pantin dropped off (without officially notifying the organizers). Finally, this club was given a general forfeit.

Here is the final standing:
1. Ath 6 pts
2. Leuven 5 pts
3. Brussels - Phenix 4 pts
4. Gent 3 pts

And here are the results of each round:

Sven Cuyt (1d) and Gints Engelen (2k) become 2021 Belgian Rengo Champions

10 years after the last edition of the Belgian Rengo Championship, it was high time to resurrect it. This year the tournament took place on Sunday 19 December, on which day we saw 4 pairs battling it out for eternal glory, and also for the title of 2021 Belgian Rengo Champions:

Sven Cuyt (1d) and Gints Engelen (2k)
Naomi Bensel (4k) and Yvan Nollet (4k)
Raoul Richard (6k) and Umut Inal (8k)
Thomas Lemaire (6k) and Guillaume Jouret (8k)

Despite the arguably high stakes, the tournament unfolded as a rather jolly affair: every 10 minutes or so the sound of ticking clocks would be interrupted by fits of laughter at one of the tables. Most participants not having had much Rengo practice during the pandemic, the question "is it my turn" resounded countless times. Sometimes, when a group was on the verge of dying, a prayer to the Go'ds could be heard (specifically: by the player whose turn it was not).

In all this merriment, 3 rounds were played. At the end, Sven Cuyt (1d) and Gints Engelen (2k) found themselves undefeated and thus became the 2021 Belgian Rengo Champions!

Here are the full results:

Raoul Richard and Umut Inal - Thomas Lemaire and Guillaume Jouret
Sven Cuyt and Gints Engelen - Naomi Bensel and Yvan Nollet (1)

Raoul Richard and Umut Inal (4) - Sven Cuyt and Gints Engelen
Thomas Lemaire and Guillaume Jouret (1) - Naomi Bensel and Yvan Nollet

Raoul Richard and Umut Inal (1) - Naomi Bensel and Yvan Nollet
Sven Cuyt and Gints Engelen - Thomas Lemaire and Guillaume Jouret (4)

Coming soon: Sunday 19/12: 2021 Belgian pair championship

Championnat de Belgique de "rengo" ("pair") : en live, le dimanche 19 décembre
Association Belgique-Chine
Av. Paul Deschanel 92, 1030 BRUXELLES Schaerbeek

Nous souhaitons ressusciter le championnat de Belgique de pair go dont la dernière édition remonte à 2011 !
Il s'agit d'un tournoi dans lequel des équipes de 2 joueurs s'affrontent, pas obligatoirement des paires mixtes (mais seules les paires mixtes seront éligibles pour une éventuelle qualification à des compétitions internationales).
Veuillez compléter le formulaire suivant pour y participer:


Belgisch kampioenschap "rengo": live, zondag 19 december (georganiseerd onder voorbehoud)
Vereniging België-China
Avenue Paul Deschanellaan 92
BRUSSELS Schaerbeek 1030

We willen het Belgisch kampioenschap pair go, waarvan de laatste editie dateert uit 2011 nieuw leven inblazen!
Dit is een toernooi waarin teams van 2 spelers het tegen elkaar opnemen. Ditmaal wordt het een “rengo” toernooi (in de plaats van “pair go”), wat betekent dat teams niet noodzakelijk uit gemengde (1 man & 1 vrouw) paren moeten bestaan (wat betreft kwalificatie voor internationale competities komen echter enkel gemengde paren in aanmerking).
Vul het volgende formulier in om deel te nemen (één formulier per team): :


Round-robin tournament (every pair plays every pair)
1 hour main time + 3 times 30s Japanese Byo-yomi
Handicap -2 (based on the average rating of the players in a pair)

Tie-breaker rules: Result mutual game, then average registration strength.


Sven Cuyt (1D) - Gints Engelen (2k)
Yvan Nollet (4k) - Naomi Bensel (4k)
Guillaume Jouret (8k) - Thomas Lemaire (6k)
Umut Inal (8k) - Raoul Richard (6k)

Ilya Shikchine (4-p) is 2021 European Champion

Favourite Ilya Shikchine (RU, 4-p) became European Champion this year.
He defeated Artem Kachanovskii (UK, 3-p) in final (2-0).

Ali Jabarin (IL, 2-p) won the "little final" against Pavol Lisy (SK, 2-p) to take the bronze medal.

It is his 8 European title (Ilya has already been European champion in 2007, 2010, 2011, 2016, 2017, 2019 and in 2020). He equalizes the record of late Jürgen Mattern (DE, 6-d) (who has been also 8 times European champion, in the 60's and the 70's).

Completed results:

PS: in the preliminary rounds (4 pools of 4 players), Lucas Neirynck (BE, 6-d) won against the European rising star, Oscar Vazquez (SP, 6-d), but later lost to Jonas Welticke (DE, 6-d) and to Dusan Mitic (SR, 7-d)...and was eliminated.

Coming soon (12/12): online lesson by Lucas Neirynck, 6-d, and 11 times Belgian champion

Lucas gives this Sunday between 11 AM and 12 AM-PM a on-line lesson in English, whose topic will be the good use of the walls.
This lesson is free of charge but reserved to our BGF members.


Lucman Bounoider (3d), 2021 rapid games Belgian champion

Lucman Bounoider won the 2021 edition of the Belgian Championship of rapid games (15 min per player, sudden death; handicap - 2).
He has already been champion in 2017

There were 8 participants (a rather dissappointing figure)

Lucman got 6 wins in 7 rounds (he only lost to Renaud Gaban).
Two players ended with 5 wins and completed the podium: Yvan Nollet (4-k) (2nd) and Renaud Gaban (4-k)(3rd).(Yvan won their mutual game, which is the criterium as tie-breaker).

Jinming He (3-d) and Naomi Benseid (4-k) got 3 wins. And Michael Silcher (4-k), Jean-Denis Hennebert (4-k) and Gaspard Leleux (8-k) got 2 wins.

Coming soon (Sunday 28/11 PM): 2022 Belgian blitz championship

Het Belgisch Kampioenschap Quick Play 2021 (15 minuten absolute bedenktijd; voorgift - 2) wordt online georganiseerd op 28/11 vanaf 14u.
Gratis maar alleen voor de BGF leden.
Vul het volgende formulier in om deel te nemen:
Winnaar laatste jaar was Thomas Connor 4-d.


Le championnat de Belgique 2021 de parties rapides (15 minutes de réflexion sans temps additionnel; handicap - 2) sera organisé en ligne le 28/11 à partir de 14h.
Gratuit mais réservé aux membres FBG.
Veuillez compléter le formulaire suivant pour y participer:
L'année passée, le vainqueur était Thomas Connor, 4-d.


Practical information for the participants:

The tournament will be played ON LINE on the OGS server and organized on Discord.
so, if you do not have yet a OGS-account, create one on OGS
You will find more practical information on the specific "welcome page" of the tournament on Discord:
Could you also please complete here your "OGS pseudo" beside your name ?

- if more than 8 participants: 7 rounds Swiss (each round pairs players with same number of wins; everyone in the same starting group); up to 8 participants: round-robin (everyone meets everyone)
- final standings according to the number of wins (tie-breaker: 1. result of the mutual game; 2. declaared strength)
- 15 minutes per player (no extra time - sudden death)
- Handicap - 2 (reference = ranking - kyu/dan - according to the Belgian rating list, or at a stronger level if you prefer)

- the games won't count for the ratings
- only a Belgian player may get the title of "Belgian rapid games champion" (and the title will be granted only if there are at least 6 participants).

Impressive start by the Belgian team in the 12th European Team Championship

Belgian team made an impressive start in the 12th European Team Championship: our team, composed by Lucas Neirynck, Jan Ramon, Lucman Bounoider and Gabriel Mercier, won the first 2 rounds, each time by a perfect 4-0 score, against Spain and Denmark.

True, Belgium had been demoted to C-league last year, so that the objective of our team captain, Roberto Martinez, oops, Gabriel Mercier I mean, is to finish at the 1st place this year to re-integrate B-league next year.

Complete results here:
1st round:
2nd round:

Coming soon (this Friday 12/11 at 8 pm) : an on-line lesson by Lucas Neirynck (6-d) over the "direction of play"

Lucas gives this Friday a on-line lesson in English (from 7 PM to 8 PM).
The topic will be the direction of play.
This lesson is free of charge but reserved to our BGF members.

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