Results Belgian Go Championship 2022

For this 2022 edition, the final of the Belgian championship was again played in the Belgium-China association.

The championship was marked by a disappointing number of participants (not even 8 members were registered at the start) and last minute forfeits of Lucas and Gints (Gints was still able to play half the tournament) because of Covid restrictions.

But also, this edition was full of suspense and surprising results, especially as the best ranked and thus favorite Thomas Connor got eliminated after Sven managed to claim victory against him twice, once by just half a point!

And finally in the end it's Yong Sen Huang who wins the final against Sven after a sharp game ending with a deadly Ko.

Here is the final standings:
1. Yong Sen Huang (1d)
2. Sven Cuyt (1d)
3. Thomas Connor (4d)
4. Gints Engelen (1k)
5. Joost Vannieuwenhuyse (2k)
6. Guy Dusausoy (4k)

Thanks to everyone to have made this event exciting and congratulation to the winner Yong Sen Huang!

As Yong Sen Huang is not a Belgian citizen, Sven Cuyt is the 2022 champion of Belgium. Congratulation to him also !

12th edition of Ghent Go Tournament 9th and 10th July 2022

The Ghent Go Tournament is back. More Info.

Register here.

Haisen Huang triumphs in Leuven

Haisen Huang (aka Huang Yongsen) (1-d) won the 32th edition of the tournament of Leuven, ahead of Sven Cuyt (1-d), both with 4 wins.
Gints Engelen (2-k) took the bronze medail and Marie Jemine (1-d), back to a tournament after a long absence, took 4th place.
There were 28 participants.
Complete results here:

7th round of the European Team Championship: Belgium won the last round, finish 1st,...and is promoted to B-league !

Belgian team won the last round against Slovakia 3-1 (wins by Lucas, Jan and Gabriel; loss by Sven), and ends at the 1st place of the C-league.
That means that the team will play in the B-league.
Congratulations to all members of the team !

Results of the round here:
Final standings:

6th round of the European Team Championship: Belgium defeated by Norway (1-3). The last round will be decisive !

Belgian team has been defeated for the 1st time this season.
Norway won 3-1 against a Belgian team in which Lucas Neirynck and some other "big shots" did not play this time, and thus less strong than usually.

Before the last round, Belgium remains leader, but Lithuania (who did win this round) has catched up: both teams have 9 points.
And further, Spain (8 points) and even Norway (7 points) can still hope to climb in B-league !
Hitchcocks's suspense thus ! :-)

Results of the round here:

5th round of the European Team Championship: Belgium made (only) a draw against Ireland but remains leader

In the 5th round of the European Team Championshipon played on 22/03, Belgium team (Lucas +, Jan Ramon -, Lucman Bounoider - and Sven Cuyt +) made (only) a draw against Ireland (2-2).

Belgium remains leader, 2 points ahead of Lithuania, with still 2 rounds to play.

Results of the round here:

NB: in 1st division, Russian team has been excluded (decision of the EGF/IGF).

Belgian Championship Preliminaries 2022

The Belgian Championship Preliminaries of 2022 took place in Brussels on the 5th and 6th of March 2022.

In total, 5 rounds were played, and the following players have qualified for the 2022 Belgian Championship Finals:

Huang Haisen 1d
Sven Cuyt 1d
Renaud Gaban 4k
Guy Dusausoy 5k

The full results can be found here