Ilya Shikchine (4-p) is 2021 European Champion

Favourite Ilya Shikchine (RU, 4-p) became European Champion this year.
He defeated Artem Kachanovskii (UK, 3-p) in final (2-0).

Ali Jabarin (IL, 2-p) won the "little final" against Pavol Lisy (SK, 2-p) to take the bronze medal.

It is his 8 European title (Ilya has already been European champion in 2007, 2010, 2011, 2016, 2017, 2019 and in 2020). He equalizes the record of late Jürgen Mattern (DE, 6-d) (who has been also 8 times European champion, in the 60's and the 70's).

Completed results:

PS: in the preliminary rounds (4 pools of 4 players), Lucas Neirynck (BE, 6-d) won against the European rising star, Oscar Vazquez (SP, 6-d), but later lost to Jonas Welticke (DE, 6-d) and to Dusan Mitic (SR, 7-d)...and was eliminated.

Lucman Bounoider (3d), 2021 rapid games Belgian champion

Lucman Bounoider won the 2021 edition of the Belgian Championship of rapid games (15 min per player, sudden death; handicap - 2).
He has already been champion in 2017

There were 8 participants (a rather dissappointing figure)

Lucman got 6 wins in 7 rounds (he only lost to Renaud Gaban).
Two players ended with 5 wins and completed the podium: Yvan Nollet (4-k) (2nd) and Renaud Gaban (4-k)(3rd).(Yvan won their mutual game, which is the criterium as tie-breaker).

Jinming He (3-d) and Naomi Benseid (4-k) got 3 wins. And Michael Silcher (4-k), Jean-Denis Hennebert (4-k) and Gaspard Leleux (8-k) got 2 wins.

Impressive start by the Belgian team in the 12th European Team Championship

Belgian team made an impressive start in the 12th European Team Championship: our team, composed by Lucas Neirynck, Jan Ramon, Lucman Bounoider and Gabriel Mercier, won the first 2 rounds, each time by a perfect 4-0 score, against Spain and Denmark.

True, Belgium had been demoted to C-league last year, so that the objective of our team captain, Roberto Martinez, oops, Gabriel Mercier I mean, is to finish at the 1st place this year to re-integrate B-league next year.

Complete results here:
1st round:
2nd round:

Polish Stanislaw Frejlak becomes the new European "home-made" professional

Polish Stanislaw Frejlak becomes the new (and 8th) European "home-made" professional by beating in final of the (6th) European Pro qualification tournament Lukas Podpera (CZ, 7-d).

What is this tournament ?
The 16 best European amateurs (according to the EGC ranking list) wishing becoming a go professional player competed in European Pro Qualification, a tournament organised +/- every 2 years.
It is a knock-out tournament in which every round was played as a "best of three".

The 2 great favorites were Frejlak and Podpera.
And they both effectively reached the final.
This final was rather dramatic: Lukas won the 1st game, a very long game (397 moves !), but lost the 2nd one half a point. And the day after, Lukas also lost the 3rd (and decisive) game.
This is very unfortunate for him: he has already reached 3 times the final of a European Pro Qualification, and certainly he also deserves to also become a pro !

NB: "Our" Lucas Neirynck (ranked 13) lost in the 1st round to Frenchman Benjamin Dréan-Guénaizia (ranked 4).

Lucman Bounoider (3-d) wins the 35th edition of the Brussels tournament

Lucman Bounoider (3-d) won the 35th edition of the Brussels tournament unbeaten.
Silver medal was He Jinming (3-d), with a 4/5 score.
And bronze medal, young Louis Baudaux (1-k), best player with 3 wins. Louis is just 15 years old and our Belgian "rising star" !
There 32 participants, among whom Lucman and Sven Cuyt (who did not play all the rounds) were unfortunately the only Belgian "dan" players to participate ! Another desappointment was the low attendance by the local players. But still, it was an enjoyable event.

Here are the complete results:

Lucas Neirynck is (for the 11th time) Belgian Champion !

For the 3rd time, the final of the Belgian championship was organized as a knock-out tournament with 2 lives.
Lucas won undefeated his 11th title (in 12 participations).
The closest game was against Thomas Connor with a win margin by only 1,5 points.
In the final, Lucas managed to win a dangerous semeai against Lucman Bounoider (3-d).
Thomas Connor won the "little final" and climbed onto the podium.

Here is the final podium:
1. Lucas Neirynck (6d)
2. Lucman Bounoider (3d)
3. Thomas Connor (4d)

WAGC: Chinese Ma Tianfang is 2021 amateur world champion (despite a loss against Polish Stanislaw Frejlak)

Chinese Ma Tianfang (7d) won the 2021 edition of the WAGC (World Amateur Go Championship), despite a surprising loss against Polish Stanislaw Fejlak (7d) !

Stanislaw also won against the Japanese representative.
Unfortunately he lost his 2 last games, to the Korean representative, and to Lukas Podpera (CZ).
Had Stanislaw won that last game, he would have been world champion ex-aequo !

Three other players ended with a 5/6 score: the ones from Taïwan, from Korea and Lukas Podpera (in that order).

Stanislaw Frejlak ended 5th, as best player with 4 wins, ahead of Hong-Kong and of the Frenchman Benjamin Dréan-Guénazia (who also beat the Japanese !).

"Our guy" was Jan Ramon, who ended 30th with a 3/6 score and logical results (wins to: Spain 1d, Finland 2d Ecuador 2d; lost to: Croatia 3d, Israël 6d and Canada 7d).

There 57 participants, among whom about the half were physically present in Vladivostok and the other half (Jan f.i.) played on line.

Complete results here:

8th round of the European Team Championship: 1st win for Belgium (against Turkey, 3-1)

Belgian team got his 1st win of the season, against Turkey (Lucas Neirynck +, Jan Ramon +, Lucman Bounoider +, Gabriel Mercier -) !

Thanks to this win, Belgian is no longer last ranked... but not yet out of danger.

Last round (in which Belgium will play Sweden, a direct concurrent) will be decisive !

The rules specify that the last ranked team will be demoted to lower (here c-league) league whereas the one before last will play a play-off against the 2nd best ranked of the lower league to determine which one will "move" from a league to another.

Results of the round here:


7th round of the European Team Championship: Belgium lost against Finland (1-3).

On 13 April, Belgian team lost 1-3 to Finland (Lucas Neirynck +, Lucman Bounoider -, Gabriel Mercier -, Sven Cuyt -).

This means not only that Belgium remains last, but also that the threat of a relegation to C-league is increasing.
But there are still 2 rounds to go to avoid this.

Results of the round here:


6th round of the European Team Championship: Belgium makes a draw with Germany

On 09/03, Belgian team (Lucas Neirynck +, Lucman Bounoider -, Gabriel Mercier +, Sven Cuyt -) makes a draw against Germany, thanks to a feat by Gabriel (2-d), who succeeded to beat a 5-d !

This is the 3 draw following.
Belgium remains in 10th and last position, but as there are only 2 points difference with team classed 6th, Belgium is far from doomed to the C-league !

Results of the round here:


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