1st round of the 2020-21 European Team Championship: Belgium lost to UK (1-3)

On 20/10/20, Belgian team (Lucas Neirynck -, Jan Ramon -, Lucman Bounoider +, Gabriel Mercier -) lost to United Kingdom in the 1st round of the new season of the European Team Championship.

Results of the round here:


2020 European Championship (on-line)

Nearly all the best European players participated in the 2020 European Championship (among the pros, only Pavol Lisy was missing).

This edition is of course organized on-line to due the Covid-Crisis, in a knock-out formula, with sided players.

We already told you that Lucas Neirynck won twice (once against Dinerstein), but he has been finally beaten by Andrei Kravets in the 1/8 of finals.

The quarters of finals were (winners in 1st place):

Ilya Shikchine - Andreii Kravets
Mateusz Surma - Anton Chernykh (an amateur)
Artem Kachanovskij - Tanguy Le Calvé
Ali Jabarin - Benjamin Dréan-Guénaïzia (another amateur)

Ilya - Mateusz: 2-1
Ali - Artem : 2-1

Ilya - Ali: 2-1

Complete results:

Feat by Lucas Neirynck: he defeated Alexander Dinerstein, a pro player, in the 2nd round of the European Championship !

In the 2nd round of the European Championship, Lucas Neirynck realized the most impressive feat in his life: he managed to defeat a professional player, Alexander Dinerstein.

Alexander Dinerstein became pro in 2002 in the Korean Baduk Association. He has been 7 times European champion (between 1999 and 2009), and is still one of the strongest European players (8th in the last European Rating).

It was a very tight game from the beginning to the end, that Lucas finally won by...1,5 point !
It was also a very high level game: according to the website "AI sensei" (with which you can analyse games with the help of some of the strongest programs), the 2 players made (each) only one mistake of >3 points !

To download the game: see "sgf file" in red here:

In the next round, Lucas will play another pro: Andreii Kravets.

PS: I advice you to look at the spectacular game Lucas won in the 1st round against Sinan Djepov, wherein he managed to survive in the moyo of his opponent before delivering a nice tesuji as "coup de grace".

Lucas Neirynck 10th time Belgian Champion !

After 9 comes 10: Lucas Neirynck remains undefeated Belgian Champion for the 10th time in 11 participations with a global score in these 11 finals of 85+/6- (37 consecutive wins since 2016).

For the 2nd time, the final of the Belgian Championship was organized as a knock-out tournament with "2 lives" (see: Tournament rules in Dutch and French)

Unfortunately, 2 qualified competitors did not participate (sickness):
- Jan Ramon (4-d),
- Gabriel Mercier (3-d)
They were replaced by reservist Laurent Calmus and the remaining place was left empty.

There was a little surprise during the 1st day of the competition with the elimination of Huang.
The semi-finals, played the 2nd day, opposed Lucas to Gints (winner: Lucas) and François to Sven (winner: François)..
Sven won the "little final" very quickly and climbed onto the podium.
And Lucas, as you know already, won in the final.

Here is the final standings:
1. Lucas Neirynck (6-d)
2. François Gonze (4-d)
3. Sven Cuyt (1-k)
4. Gints Engelen (3-k)
5. Huang Haisen Jefferson Yong Sen (2-d)
6. Joost Van Nieuwenhuizen (1-k)
7. Laurent Calmus (5-k)
8. bye

Ilya Shikchine won the 5th European Pro Championship

Eight European pro players participated in the 5th European Pro Championship
Ilya Shikchine appeared to be the strongest: he won 6 out of his 7 games.
He is followed by a trio : Andrii Kravets, ALi Jabarin and Mateusz Surma (all with 4/7).
Noteworthy: Artem Kachanoskyi, winner of the last year edition, ended at a desappointing last place (2/7).
Complete results:

2020 European Go Championship has started (on-line); Lucas Neirynck won in 1st round

32 top European players, amateur and pro - selection made according to the European ranking, participate in this event played "on-line" (among the top 10 European rated players, only Pavol Lisy and Cristian Pop do not play).

Lucas Neirynck has won in 1st round against Sinan Djepov (BG, 5d), and will now play Alexander Dinerstein (RU, 3p) in the 2nd round on 5th October 9:30 AM.

Results to be followed here:

China won KPMC; Lucas Neirynck, our representative, reached the final tour, but lost in 1st round to Japan

Lucas Neirynck is our representative in the 2020 KPMC (Korean Prime Minister Cup), which is the "Korean version" of the World Amateur Go Championship. There are 61 participants.

All games are played on-line.

Through the first part of the tournament, Lucas qualified from a group of 4 European countries by finishing 2nd (defeat to Hungary, but wins against Cyprus and Turkey).

He lost in the 1st round of the final rounds of the tournament, a knock-out tournament with the 32 qualified competitors.

Quarters of final are: Korea-Canada, South Africa-Japan, China-USA, Taïwan-Hong Kong
Semi finals: Japan - Korea and China - Hong Kong
Final: Japan - China (yes, Japan won to Korea ! )
Winner: Tianfang Ma (China)

Complete results:

Artem Kachanovskyi wins the 1st European Professional Online League

6 out of the 7 "European made" pro participated in the 1st edition of this on-line league (Mateusz Surma did not participate).

Artem won the final against Pavol Lisy (3-0), who had defeated Ilya Shikchine in the challenger designating match.

Complete results:

9th (and last) round of the European Team Championship: Belgium makes draw against UK and ends 5th in B-league

On 19/05/2020, Belgium team, composed by Lucas Neirynck (+), Jan Ramon (+) Lucman Bounoider (-) Gabriel Mercier (-) makes draw against United Kingdom in the 9th round of the ETPC.


Belgium ends in the middle of B-league (5th out of 10 teams).
Serbia ends 1st and goes up in A-league and Italy, who ends 2nd, will play a barrage match against Israël to possibly do the same.

Definitive Standings: (extreme right on the screen).

In A-league, Russia, France, Czechia and Ukraine will play each other in a final tour this Summer to find out who will succeed France, winner of last year.

Kim Young-Sam wins unbeaten the Corona Cup

The Corona Cup is an on-line tournament organised by Lukas Podpera.
This tournament meets a great success with 360 participants from all parts of Europe.

Ex-yoengusaeng (ex-insei) Kim Young Sam appeared - once more - to be too strong for the European competitors: he wins unbeaten the Corona Cup.

Behind Kim, Pavol LISY (SK, 2p) ended second with 5 wins.

Four players follows with 4 wins: Benjamin DREAN-GUENAIZIA (FR, 6d), Ilya SHIKSHIN (RU, 3p), Anton CHERNYKH (RU, 6d) and Sinan DJEPOV (BG, 5d). Ben makes a great performance, and so did Anton and Sinan, who are still teenagers !

Outside the "top group", Vassili JAKOVLEV-CHERNUSHEV (RU, 4d) managed to win 5 games.

Inversely, strong players as Artem KACHANOVSKIJ (UK, 2p), Lukas PODPERA (CZ, 7d), Stanislaw FREJLAK (PL, 7d) only got a mild 3-3 score...

Lucas NEIRYNCK (BE, 5d) scores 2 wins.

Complete results here:

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