4th round of the European team championship: Belgium - Turkey 2-2

On 6th December, Belgian team, composed by Lucas Neyrinck, Jan Ramon, François Gonze and Kwinten Messiaen, made a draw against Turkey.

Complete results of the 4thd round here:

After 4 (of the 11) rounds, Belgium occupies 9th place out of 12 teams. Standings after 4 rounds:

Go Seigen (Wu Qinqyuan) passed away on 30/11

A sad news: Go Seigen, considered by many as the greatest player of the 20th century (if not in history) just passed away. He was 100 years old.

Preliminaries of the Belgian Championship 2015

This weekend the preliminaries for the championship were held. There were 11 participants. After the planned location was unexpectedly closed the preliminaries were held at Thomas Connor's place. Thanks Thomas!

These five people qualified for the finals of the championship next year

Missiaen Kwinten (6pts)
Connor Thomas (5pts)
Vannieuwenhuyse Joost (4pts)
Mercier Gabriel (3pts)
Stojanovic Voja (3pts)

Detailed results

3rd round of the European team Championship: Belgium - Norway 1-3

On 12th of November, Belgium lost against Norway 1-3.

Belgium team was composed by Jan Ramon (4-d); Kwinten Messiaen(3-d); Thomas Connor (3-d) and Nelis Vets (2-d).

Complete results of the 3rd round here:

After 3 (of the 11) rounds, Belgium occupies 9th place out of 12 teams.

Standings after 3 rounds:

2nd round of the European team Championship: Belgium - Slovenia 3-1

On 14th of October, Belgium won against Slovenia 3-1.

Belgian team was composed by Jan Ramon (4-d), Thomas Connor (3-d), Nelis Vets (2-d) and Gabriel Mercier (3-k).

Complete results of the 2nd round here:

The 2 new "home-made" European professionals winners of a strong amateur Chinese tournament

Read report of the 1st Qinling Mountain Cup about "our" 2 new pro Pavol Lisy (1-p) and Ali Jabarin (1-p) on

(a funny story: in the 1st round, a local Chinese 6-d amateur played Pavol Lisy. He thought Pavol was 1-d...amateur; so, he was quite surprised to be so dramaticaly destroyed :-).

They have also been impressive in Japan: see report "Pavol and Ali at the 11th Sankei tournament in Japan", also on
They played good games against top pro: the ones they lost were only decided in endgame and Ali won a game against a 8-p !

(it is then amazing to notice that nor Pavol neither Ali are good enough for the top divisions of the Chinese Weichi Academy: they play now only in the 7th out of the 13 divisions (each division counts with 6 players).
We can thus probably conclude that there are dozens of top Chinese amateurs who are as strong as top (Japanese) professionals !

Preliminaries for Belgian Championship 2015

On 29 and 30 November it's once again time for the preliminaries for the Belgian Championship. The more participants the merrier.

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Vladimir Danek wins 29th Brussels tournament

Vladimir Danek has won the 2014 Brussels tournament ahead of Kim Ouweleen and Olivier Drouot. See full results

Kim Yoon-Young 4P to visit Belgium

The Korean Baduk association has agreed to send Ms. Kim Yoon-Young 4P to come and visit us for the Brussels tournament.
She will also be present at some club activities, which will be posted shortly as this is a rather last-minute agreement.

For now we can tell you that she will be in Belgium from 23-10 untill 28-10
On Thursday (that's tomorrow) she will visit the club in Antwerp.
On Monday she will visit the club of Le Pantin in Brussels for their club-evening.

Lee (Yi) Sedol won historic "jubango" against Gu Li (6-2)

A jubango is a 10 game match between two players. The first player to win six games wins the match.

Two of the world's top Go players, Lee Sedol and Gu Li, played a jubango to decide which of them was the stronger player (and probably thus the present world best player - NDLR).

The most anticipated Go event for decades concluded on September 28, 2014, when Lee Sedol defeated Gu Li in their 8th game of the historic 10 game match.
Game 8 took place in Gu Li’s hometown and finished after 350 thrilling moves, with Lee Sedol winning by 2.5 points…

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