5th round of the "European Team Go Championship": Belgium -Poland 2-2

Belgium made draw against Poland in the 5th round of the European team go ch'ip, which was played in January.
A logical result: the strenght of both teams being on paper equivalent.

Complete results, for each player here:

After 5 of the 9 rounds, Belgium is now 4th (out of the 10 teams of the B-league)

General Assembly of the Members 2012-13: minutes of the meeting

L'Assemblée Générale annuelle, organise de décision suprême de notre fédération, a eu lieu dimanche 20/01/2013.

Les points à l’ordre du jour étaient les suivants:
1. bilan des activités de 2012 (par la présidente)
2. rapport financier 2012 (par le trésorier)
3. discussion sur les activités futures de la Fédération
4. fixation du budget 2013 (et du montant de la cotisation fédérale 2013)
5. élection statutaire du conseil d’administration

Le PV de cette réunion sera prochainement disponible dans la section réservée aux membres. Mais sachez déjà que le nouveau CA est composé de
- Thomas Connor, président (nouvellement élu)
- Jan Ramon, trésorier (porlonge son mandat)
- Vincent Quoilin (nouvellement élu)
- Joost Vannieuwenhuizen (prolonge son mandat)
(Marie Jemine, Vincent Lochen et Jean-Denis Hennebert étaient démissionnaires).


De Jaarlijkse Algemene Vergadering vond plaats op zondag 20/01/2013.

Op de agenda stonden de volgende punten:
1. Activiteitenverslag 2012 (door de voorzitter)
2. Financieel verslag 2012 (door de penningmeester)
3. Discussie over de toekomstige activiteiten van de BGF
4. Vastleggen budget 2013 (incl. vastlegging lidgeld)
5. Verkiezing van het bestuur

Binnenkort zal het PV van deze vergadering beschikbaar zijn in de "section restricted to the members".
Maar wij laten al jullie weten de nieuwe samenstelling van de Raad van Bestuur:
- Thomas Connor, voorzitter
- Jan Ramon, schatbewaarder
- Vincent Quoilin
- Joost Vannieuwenhuizen
(Marie Jemine, Vincent Lochen et Jean-Denis Hennebert hebben ontslag genomen).

Go workshop

Olivier Drouot and Thomas Connor started animating a go workshop on the basis of once a week. The idea is to discuss a professional game for 1h to 1h30. The workshop is scheduled Chez Parrain, Rue de Roumanie 56 in Brussels on saturday at 4pm.

5th Ghent Tournament: results

Here are, with some delay (but beter late than never), the results of the 5th Ghent tournament which took place in April 2012.

Winner was Dominik Versyk (1D), ahead of Jean Rey (1D, Lille) and Bram Vandenbon (1D).
There were 21 participants.

Complete results

4th round of the "European Team Go Championship" : Netherlands - Belgium 3-1

Belgium was beaten for the 1st time in this competition.
We are 3rd presently in the B-league.

Please find here the complete results of the 4th round in B-league:

3rd round of the "European Team Go Championship" : Belgium - Norway 4-0 !

Based on ranking Belgium outclassed Norway. The Belgian team lived the to the expectations and pulled off their 3th consecutive victory, this time against Norway.

This places Belgium on top after three rounds (with an impressive 11-1 record !) !

Dreaming of promotion seems premature as several strong countries remain. Next round against the Netherlands will likely provide a serious test.

Games and results here:

Interclubs 2012: final results

Interclubs season 2012 has been finished.

All games were played with no forfeited games.

The teams played double rounds, so every club had a chance to enjoy the atmosphere of all the other clubs.

The tournament was exciting, as the final results are very close:
Gent got third place with 5 points (10 weighted points). Antwerpen gets second place with 6 points (11 weighted points). Leuven takes the title and the trophy with 7 points (and an amazing 15 weighted points).

I would like to congratulate all teams with these nice results. Extra congratulations go to Leuven for the victory. I would like to thank the captains Kris Boyen, Joost Vannieuwenhuyse and Kenny Debacq and look forward to the 2013 interclub tournament.

Robby Goetschalckx,
Interclubs organisor

Begian Pair (rengo) Championship: 09/12 CANCELED

The 2012 Belgian Pair (rengo) Championship HAS BEEN CANCELED because of lack of participants.

(as there were less than 4 teams (4 * 2 players) registrered on 06/12 !


Preliminaries Belgian Championship 2013

There were 13 participants.
The 5 best "on paper" are qualified for the final round.

1. François GONZE - 4d - 7/7
2. Yue WANG - 2d - 6
3. Dominik VERSYCK - 1d - 5
4. Ci-Yiu WONG - 2k - 4 - 28 SOS-1 - 30 SOS
5. Michael MEESCHAERT - 1k - 4 - 28 SOS-1 - 29 SOS

6. Kris BOYEN - 4k - 4 - 26 SOS-1
7. Demian WALSHISCH - 4k - 4 - 25 SOS-1
8. Benoit HUBERT - 3k - 3 - 27 SOS-1
9. Kenny DEBACQ - 6k - 3 - 21 SOS-1
10. Alex VAN HAEREN - 10k - 3 - 20 SOS-1
11. Laurent MONSEUR - 14k - 3 - 17 SOS-1
12. Thomas DETOURNAY - 5k - 2
13. Maciej SKONIESCKA - 15k - 1

Complete results will follow later

Results of the 7th Korean Prime Minister Cup

Kwinten Missaen, 2-d, our representative in the 7th Korea Prime Minister Cup ended 24th in a field of 70 participants.
He made 3/6 (with a victory against a 3-d).
Not quite unexpectedly, the winner was a Korean ahead of a Chinese.

Here are the complete results:

and here, you can read some interesting interviews of some European top players: