Registration is open for Liège tournament and Le Pantin tournament!

Both Liège club and Le Pantin club hold their second tournament this year!

Follow this link to find all informations about Liège Tournament, and this one for Le Pantin Tournament.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

The 1st (ever) World Go Championship coming soon (21 to 23 March)

For the 1st time in the history of go, a "world championship" will be organized.
It will take place in Osaka on 21-23 March 2017.

There will be 4 competitors: the best player of each of the 3 big countries + "Zen" defending the AI (Artificial Intelligence) side!

The human representatives will be
Iwama Yuta (JP)
Park Junghwan (KR)
Mi Yuting (CN) (suprinsingly, not Ke Jie)

More details:

For the 1st time in go history, there will be a "World Champion" (...with "Zen" as one of the 4 competitors !)

For the 1st time, a "world champion" will be selected by a specific competition (to be organized in Osaka in March 2017).

There will be 4 competitors: the best player of each of the 3 big countries (South Korea, China, Japan)...and "Zen" defending the AI (Artificial Intelligence) side!

Japanese representative will be Iwama Yuta. Probable players for China will be Ke Jie, and for Korea: Park Junghwan

This will be very exciting!

More details:

The "Zen" team expects to overcome "Alpha Go" in 2017...and plays legendary Cho Chi Kun in a 3 games-match in November.

"Zen", the best publicly available software, has made incredible progress the last months (I reported he won a match against German champion Lukas Krämer, 6-d, by 3-1 in September).

The objective of its developers is now to beat "Alpha Go" before end 2017 ! Yes, guys !

The team managed to organize a test match of 3 games against the legendary Cho Chi Kun starting just now (end November).

Cho is certainly not as strong as he was in the eigties, but he is one of the most prestigious go players. He has won no less than...75 titles !

Please find here more info about this match (in French):

31st Brussels Tournament

The 31st Brussels tournament took place on the weekend of the 29th and 30th October 2016 and gathered 63 players!

The winner is Fabien Lips (4d, FR), followed by Lucas Neirynck (5d, BE), Antoine Fenech (5d, FR) and Manuel Frangi (2d, FR).

Complete results:

9th edition of Ghent Go Tournament 2nd and 3rd july 2016

On the weekend of July 2nd everyone's welcome at the 9th edition of the Ghent Go Tournament.

Info and registration

8th round of the European team championship: Belgium - Poland 0-4

In March, Belgian team (Kwinten, Nelis, Dominique, Gabriel) lost heavily (0-4) against a strong opponent: Poland.

Belgium is now in the middle of the "peloton" (6th out of 12 teams) in this B-league.

Here are the results of the round:

And here the standings after this round:

Start interclub 2016

This week the first match of the interclub 2016 will be played. A stunning amount of 8 clubs are participating, the highest amount in a decade.

You can find the interclub schedule and results here:

May the best club win.

3rd European Professional Qualification: Artem Kachanovskyi is the new pro 2016

This week end, 16 top European amateurs fought to become the fifth European professional go player.

Ukranian Artem Kachanovskyi beat his countryfellow Andrei Kravets in final and join the four ex-amateurs who already qualified as pros through similar competitions in 2014 (Lisy, Jabarin) and 2015 (Shikshin, Surma).

Complete results can be found here:

The big challenge "Human vs. A.I." coming soon (9th to 15th March)

AlphaGo will face its ultimate challenge: a 5-game challenge match in Seoul against the legendary Lee Sedol, the top Go player in the world over the past decade

Read everything about the match here:

(comments on youtube are planed)

Here some reactions and prognoses by some pro players:

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