1st Pandanet European National Team Championship: results of the 6th round

No miracle: Belgium has been severely beaten (0-4) by Sweden (which was stronger on paper anyway...)

After 6 of the 9 rounds, Belgium is 8th out of the 10 teams. At the end, the 2 last teams will descend into 3rd division for the next season)...Let us cross the fingers we will stay ahead of Spain and Croatia...

Individual results

Belgium Sweden Score
Jan Ramon (janr) 4 dan Fredrik Blomback (FreddaSWE) 5 dan W+6.5
Lucas Neirynck (Cucurucucu) 4 dan Martin Li (MartinSWE) 5 dan B+4.5
Nelis Vets (Nelis) 1 dan Klas Almroth (SWEKlas) 4 dan W+Resign
Dominique Versyck (dversyck) 1 kyu Erik Ouchterlony (ejlo) 3 dan B+Resign

Complete results here:

1st Pandanet European Championship: results of the 5th round

Belgium finally scored a point with a nice 2-2 match. Find the full results and the games here

Belgium vs. Slovenia
  2 – 2

Tuesday 15 February 2011, 19:00 GMT

Belgium Slovenia Score
(B) Jan Ramon (janr) 4 dan (W) Leon Matoh (lmatoh) 5 dan B+ resign
(W) Benjamin Gigot (Pinchilei) 1 dan (B) Gregor Butala (tiger) 5 dan B+resign
(B) Nelis Vets (Nelis) 1 dan (W) Andrej Kralj (eltoro) 3 dan W+resign
(W) Kwinten Missiaen (Kwik) 1 dan (B) Aleš Pogačnik (roforofo) 3 dan W+3.5

Neirynck wins Leuven 2011

Lucas Neirynck (4D, Louvain-La-Neuve) has won the 21st edition of the Leuven tournament. After 5 rounds he remained undefeated. Second place was shared by Jan Ramon (4D, Leuven) who only lost to Neirynck, and Christopher Annachachibi (1D!, Le Pantin), who also only lost to Neirynck. Also good scores for David Katchaturian (4k, Le Pantin) and Philip Kocks (20k, Gent) with 4/5 and Maarten Savels (11k, Gent) with 5/5!

Full results

Mistake in the General Assembly papers

Finales du Championnat de Belgique 2010
1. Jan Ramon 4d
2. François Gonze 3d
3. Alain Wettach 4d
4. Thomas Connor 3d
5. Kwinten Missiaen 1d
Préliminaires du Championnat de Belgique 2011
1. Kévin Prist 2k
2. Nelis Vets 2d
3. Christopher Annachachibi 1d
4. Dominique Versyck 1k
5. Lucas Neirynck 4d

There was a mistake in the first list. Note that those players have been selected for the Final tour (5-6 and 19-20/03/11)

1st Pandanet European Championship: results of the 4th round

Unfortunately, once again, the strengh difference proved to be too great: Belgium lost 0-4 to Danemark in the 4th round (played 25/01/11)...

Results here:

Despite the fact that no Belgian player has lost against a (on paper) weaker opponent up till now, Belgium has only 2 points after the 4 first rounds...(looks like typical Belgian Eurovision score, isn'it ?! :-) 


Denmark Belgium Score
B Kasper Hornbæk (kash) 5 dan W Nelis Vets (Nelis) 1 dan B+Resign
W Thomas Heshe (daydreamer) 4 dan B Christopher Annachachibi (HisokaH) 1 dan W+Resign
B Uffe Rasmussen (Laudrup) 4 dan W Dominique Versyck (dversyck) 1 kyu B+Resign
W Jannik Rasmussen (JRDK) 4 dan B Vincent Lochen (GFox) 4 kyu W+Resign



First Pandanet European Team Championship: Result of the 3rd Round

Beligum - Poland 0-4

Board 1:  Mateusz Surma (Drakula95) - Jan Ramon (janr)  W+Time
Board 2:  Lucas Neirynck (Cucurucucu) - Marek Kaminsky (Kamyk)  B+Resign
Board 3:  Cezary Czernecki (apole) - Nelis Vets (Nelis)  W+Resign
Board 4:  Kwinten Missiael (Kwik) - Sebastian Pawlaczyk (Nilatarion)  B+4,5

Final Results of the Interclubs 2010

- Pantin got last place with 2 points, having played only two rounds (despite being by far the largest club in Belgium !)
- Antwerpen got fourth place with 6 points
- Namur - previous champions - became third with 7 points and 13 'ponderated' points
- Gent got second place with 7 points and 14 ponderated points
- Leuven is the new winner with 8 points.

Congratulations to Leuven ! The trophy, currently held be Namur, will now go to Leuven.

1st Pandanet European Team Championship: result of the 2nd round

Matthew MacFadyen (Macfadyen) 6d - Jan Ramon (janr) 4d
Nelis Vets (Nelis) 1d – Jon Diamond (mumps) 4d
Des Cann (Shuko) 5d - Kwinten Missiaen (Kwik) 1d
Dominique Versyck (dversyck) 1k – Andrew Simons (Uberdude) 3d

Belgium lost 1-3 to United Kingdom, who was average +/- 3 stones/levels stronger.
Dominik Versyk (1-k) managed to beat his 3-d opponent ! Congratulations to him !

Complete results here:

1st Pandanet European Team Championship: results of the 1st round

Israel – Belgium 3-1

Board 1:  Ali Jabarin (AliJ93) – Lucas Neirynck (Cucurucucu)  B+Resign
Board 2:  Ron Lavi (Ronl1) – Benjamin Gigot (Pinchilei)  W+Time
Board 3:  Reem Ben David (Reem) – Kwinten Missiaen (Kwik)  B+6.5
Board 4:  Tal Michaeli (iHoldKiesi) – Dominique Versyck (dversyck)  B+Resign

Belgian Championship 2011 (Preliminaries)

The Preliminaries of the 2011 Belgian Championship were held this week-end in Brussels. We can notice the outstanding results of Kevin Prist who won the first place. Congratulations to all the 20 players!

Five best players:
1. Prist Kévin
2. Vets Nelis
3. Annachachibi Christopher
4. Versyck Dominique
5. Neirynck Lucas

Full results.

They will play the final tour (5th, 6th, 19th and 20th March 2011) against the five first finalists of 2010: Jan Ramon, François Gonze, Alain Wettach, Thomas Connor and Kwinten Missiaen.

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