10th Korean Prime Minister Cup: China wins; our representative, François Gonze, made 3/6

(report by François Gonze)

The 10th Korean Prime Minister Cup International Amateur Baduk Championship (more or less the Korean version of the World Amateur Championship) was held from the 22th to the 27th of November in Seoul, Korea.
There were 52 participants.

Our representative was François Gonze (3-d).
He ended up 24th on 52, winning his three first games against Equator (1d), Slovenia (1k) and Indonesia (4d), and then losing against Thailand (5d), Japan (7d) and Canada (7d).

The winner was the Chinese Hu Yuquing.

Best European was Cristian Pop (RO, 7d), who won against Japan in the first round, thanks to a big mistake by the japanese player in a very intense fight.

Top places:
1. Hu Yuquing (China) (6/6)
2. K. Heesu (Korea) (5/6)
3. Cristian Pop (Romania) (5/6)
4. Eric Lui (USA) (5/6)
5. Japan (5/6), my opponent in 5th round
6. Chinese Taipei (4/6)
7. Thailand (4/6), my opponentin 4th round

26th Leuven Go Tournament

On february 20 and 21 the 26th Leuven Tournament will be held. You can learn more and register here .

3rd round of the European team championship: Belgium - Turkey 2-2

On 28th of October, Belgian team (Jan +, Nelis -, Kwinten + , Gabriel -) made draw against Turkey in the 3rd round (a rather expected result).

Here are the results of the round:

And here the standings after this round:

Ukranian Bohdan Zhurakovskyi (5-d) won the 2015 Brussels Tournament

Ukranian Bohdan Zhurakovskyi (5-d) won the 2015 Brussels Tournament (which met a great success with its 71 participants).
Olivier Drouot (3-d) and Antoine Fenech (5-d) completed the podium.
Complete results here:

2nd round of the European team Championship: Belgium - Norway 3-1

On 6/10, Belgian team (same players as previous moth) won against Norway.

Here are the results of the round:

And here the standings after this round:

8th Gent Go Tournament Results

This weekend the 8th Gent Go Tournament took place.

The tournament was won by Thomas Connor (3D), Oscar Vasquez (2D) took second place and our noble president Joost Vannieuwenhuyse (2k) was third.

The tournament had a total of 20 worthy participants, up from last year.

Full Results

1st round of the European team Championship: Belgium - Denmark 2-2

A new season (the 6th edition) of the European Team Championship has just started. On 15th September, Belgian team (Nelis -, Kwinten - , Christopher +, Gabriel +) made draw against Denmark in the 1st round (a rather expected result).

Here are the results of the round:

And here the standings after this round:

8th Antwerp Go Tournament Results

The 8th Antwerp Tournament was won by Dick Riedeman (3d) who won all his games, the runner up was Jefferson Huang (4d) with 4 wins.

All results can be found here

Looking for participants in the Pandanet Team Championship

Hello dear all!

Next season of Pandanet Team European Championship should start next September (I'm still waiting for complete information). I decided to apply as next Belgian Team Captain if everyone agrees. Other Captain Candidates are welcome

Furthermore I would like to know who is ready to take part in the coming glorious fights against players from all over Europe ! Belgium is anchored in B league: we have to fight this year to make better results. Despite it is "only" B-league, there are pro players (Pavol Lisy and Ali Jabarin both 1p). It is a golden opportunity for us to play against such strong players and watch their games against our best elements!

By the way, it does not take a lot of time: around one game (2h30) per month, usually on tuesday evening.

In order to prepare next season I would like to know who is ready to take part in the event (we need 12 players). Please fill the next doodle (only for Belgian Players): fill your complete name and precise whether you want to play this year. If you are unavailable please let us know.

Waiting for all of you!
Best regards,
Gabriel Mercier.

Fan Hui (Fr, 2-p), European Champion 2015; Wang Zhemin (CHI, 3p) open European champion

In the European Championship / European Go Congress organised this year in Liberec in Czechia, Frenchman (ex-Chinese) Fan Hui became European Champion - for the 3rd time in a row !

He won the final against Ali JABARIN (Israël, 1-p)

Ilya Shikchine (RUS, 1-p) beat Thomas Debarre (Fr, 6-d) in the "little" final for the 3rd place.

Here are the complete results of the European Championship (only for players with an European passport):

--> results of the top 8 players (quarterfinals, semifinals and finals)

--> results of the top 24 players


Wang Zhemin (China, 3-p) won the open main tournament undefeated, ahead Kim Young-Sam (KOR, 8-d) (who lost only to him). Further, the 4 European-made professionals (Pavol Lisy, ALi Jabarin, Ilya Shikchine and Mateusz Surma) joined by Ukranian Artem Kachanovskij (7-d).

Complete results of the main tournament:


Kim Young-sam won the week-end tournament (in which Wang did not play) with a perfect score, ahead of four players with 4/5: Dinerstein (RUS, 3-p), Lisy (SK, 1-p), Chan (TW, 7-d) and Ma (CHI, 7-d).

Complete results of the WE tournament:

PS: 8 Belgian participants played in the European Congress / tournament: Joost Van Vannieuwenhuyse, Kris Boyen, Roel Van Nyen, PHilippe Tranchida, Jonh Cassidy, Voja Stojanovic, Bart Cars and Catherine Fricheteau.
All of them scored about 50 %, what seems to proove Belgian rating is well-balanced compared to the other European countries ! :-).


Last but not least: France (5 pts) won the Pandanet European Team Championship 2014-2015, ahead of Ukraine (5 pts) , Czechia (2 pts) and Romania (0 pts)