Belgian Rengo Championship


  • Swiss system or Round-Robin (if less than 6 teams)
  • 5 games 45 min ko
  • Teams of 2 players, NOT obligatory one male + one female !
  • Conditions de participation - deelname voorwaarden

    Toute personne membre de la FBG domiciliée en Belgique depuis plus d'un an a le droit de participer gratuitement.
    Eeniederdie lid is van de BGF en minstens een jaar in België gedomicilieerd is, kan (gratis) deelnemen aan het BK.

  • Only 100 % Belgian mixed pairs are eligibles for potentially representing Belgium in some international competitions, like European Pair Go Championship or World Pair Go Championship, BUT the points scored at the championship are individually distributed, so you don't have to be playing in the same pair to represent Belgium
  • No handicap

Prize Giving

1st prize : 2*25 EUR
2nd prize : 2*15 EUR
3rd prize : 2*5 EUR

Online registration

Entry Fee

Free. Only the BGF members can take part in it.


09/12/2012. Registration between 11:00 and 11:15 AM.



Older Results

no longer organised after 2011 (no or not enough competitors)
7. 2011
6. 2010
5. 2009
4. 2008
3. 2007
2. 2006
1. 2005