Belgian Rengo Championship

The tournament will take place on Sunday 17/12/2023

IMPORTANT: if there is no a minimum of 4 pairs registered on 04/12/2023, the tournament coumd be canceled.

In the Belgian Rengo Championship, teams of 2 players battle it out to become the Belgian Rengo Champions.
There are no gender restrictions on the players within a team, any combination of male and female players are possible!
However, only the mixed pairs where both have Belgian nationality can qualify to be the Belgian delegation to the International Pair Go Championship.

Participation in this tournament is free, but participants have to be member of the Belgian Go Federation.
1st prize is the eternal glory of being Belgian Pair Go Champions! :)

Depending on the number of teams, main time will be between 45 and 60 minutes, followed by Japanese Byo-yomi of 3 periods 30 seconds.

We will play with handicap -2. The rating of each pair is calculated as the average of the rating of the two players.

The first round starts at 10:00.

To register, please fill in this form, with 1 registration per team: REGISTRATION FORM

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Association Belgique-Chine
Av. Paul Deschanel 92, 1030 BRUXELLES Schaerbeek


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